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How Secured?

TotheMoon.ART works on a blockchain which has been proven for years and a large community of developers is constantly improving it.

Our ecosystem relies on the Binance Smart Chain standards such as BEP20, BEP721, DEX and AMM.

TotheMoon.ART transactions are encrypted, validated and secured by the Binance Smart Chain.

The Binance Smart Chain is already trusted by million users. Its derived token BNB has a total market capitalization of more than 40 Billion US Dollar.

It is one of the most secured blockchain.

totheMoon.ART repository (aka technical files & codes) is available for public screening on Github.

Community checks and peer reviews are the most secured way to prevent bugs and malicious codes.

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Earth Friendly

Space explorers know that protecting our dear planet is essential. We do not want to destroy our home.

We want to live in a peaceful and protected environment.

totheMoon.ART shares this vision that is why we have selected the most efficient blockchain to date.

And indeed Binance Smart Chain has already transitioned to a Proof of Stake model allowing the blocchain to run with a minimal environmental impact.

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Our Great Team

totheMoon.ART is meant to be a horizontal community-based creation. The original team members who have participated to the original design are:

Project Coordinator
Neil Legstrong

Yuri Gabarine

Solidity Developer
Buzz Goldwin

Andriyan Nikalayof

Web Designer
Alan Repard

Community Manager
Michael Bollins

Security & Safety Specialist
Fred Fraise

John Blenn